In 1963, our founder, the late Daryl Johnson started an epoxy company. Mr. Johnson soon became a well known chemist in the epoxy industry for his innovative formulas, high quality, and durable, long lasting surfacing systems that could be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements. Many of Mr. Johnson's epoxies were developed specifically for use by the US Military, Corp of Engineers, NASA, state and local municipalities, as well as major corporations both in the US and abroad.

We have combined many of Mr. Johnson's time tested formulations in our new AmeriCoatings line of industrial grade coatings. By incorporating technical advances in materials, additives and processes, AmeriCoatings is proud to offer the most durable line of coatings on the market.

Once only available through select distributors, Americoatings is proud to offer our industrial grade products online to contractors, DIY homeowners, businesses, and property owners.

 We believe that many of the surfacing products found in local home improvement stores are of inferior quality to the Americoatings product line. We invite you to compare solids content, price and customer service with our competitors.

 The AmeriCoatings’ product that you are purchasing was designed specifically to meet the high standards of industry professionals and comes with a 50 year history of success.

AmeriCoatings recently relocated to a 58,000 sq. ft. distribution facility in Dallas, Texas in order to more effectively serve our customers needs. We thank you for your continued support.