Acrylic Seallant 0525 is a new thermoplastic acrylic aqueous emulsion that possesses outstanding flexibility, toughness, and freedom from tack at elevated temperatures. These properties, along with good moisture release characteristics and excellent durability, make Acrylic Seallant 0525 attractive for a wide variety of clear protective coating applications. Acrylic Seallant 0525 offers particular promise as a glaze coat or wear layer for seamless floors, roofs, patios, tile, terrazzo, etc., interior or exterior.


Typical Physical and Chemical Properties

            Appearance                                          Clear, colorless solution

            Solids                                                   As desired

            Weight per gallon                                  8.1 pounds

Flash point (Tag open cup)                    48°F

            Brush time                                            3 to 5 minutes

            Tack-free time                                       8 to 3 hours

            Recoat time                                          6 to 8 hours


                        On aluminum

                        ½”, ¼”, ⅛” mandrels                  0/0/0


                        T-bends on aluminum                0-T

            Stain resistance2

1 hour at 25°C                           Resisted attack by coffee, tea, milk, orange juice, 50% Tide, 10% NH4OH, Clorox, 10% acetic acid and gasoline

            Abrasion resistance3                                                           

                        Taber wear index                       65 ± 20mg

                        (ASTM-D-1044-56, CS10

                        Wheel, 1000 cycles)

Water Based Acrylic Sealant 0525 - 30 gal