POLYSPAR is a pure, high-solids, clear aliphatic polyurea polyaspartic coating. POLYSPAR aliphatic polyaspartic has zero odors and is very moisture insensitive. This product has been formulated as a roll and brush on coating for concrete surfaces. This coating may be used over existing epoxy floors or as a standalone floor coating with excellent color and UV stability. POLYSPAR Aliphatic Polyaspartic can be applied in temperatures as low as –20˚F. When fully cured, POLYSPAR will produce a highly abrasion and wear resistant, high-gloss, smooth finish. Uses: POLYSPAR Aliphatic Polyaspartic adheres extremely well to properly prepared concrete substrates. The high tensile strength and elongation of this coating allows this product to better withstand the abuse of industrial equipment, steel-wheeled carts, and forklifts with minimal effect. The excellent chemical resistance is well suited for some harsh applications. POLYSPAR aliphatic polyaspartic is a versatile product for many system applications. Using consecutive coats while incorporating broadcast material or without, will produce durable, functional and decorative coating systems with little chance of inter-coat delamination. Advantages: • Fast Cure Times • Low Moisture Sensitivity • High Tensile Strength • Color Stable • Adheres well to Most Substrates • No Odor, 100% Solids • Excellent UV Stability • Cures from as low as –20˚F • High Gloss Finish • USDA, FSIS and CFIA Acceptable • Outdoor Applications • Zero VOC’s • Spray, Roll or Brush Application Ideal Applications: • Cold Storage Areas • Industrial Warehouses • Food Processing Areas • Automobile Dealerships • Pulp and Paper Mills • Chemical Plants • Aircraft Hangars • Garage Floors • Patios • Walkways • Driveway • Show Rooms

Polyspar Clear Polyurea 2 gal